Full Mouth Rehabilitation

John came to us for help to improve his appearance before his wedding. As you can see from his photograph, John had problems with advanced active decay throughout his mouth. To rectify this situation for him, the decay was removed and tooth coloured restorations placed.

CaseStudy_01_MouthRehab_Before CaseStudy_01_MouthRehab_After

Unfortunately, the decay on several of his front upper teeth had reached the pulp and these teeth required root canal treatment. Once the root canal treatment was completed, a post and core was inserted and the teeth were subsequently crowned. John’s treatment took place over a few months and by the end of it he told us he felt like a new man! His photos from the wedding and honeymoon show John with the biggest smile you could imagine.

If you suffer from cracked, broken teeth or have staining or decay issues that inhibit your confidence, we can help vastly improve your appearance and your health.

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