Nicole Drews

Wanting a job and adventure, Nicole Drews joined the Army after high school as an apprentice diesel mechanic in 1989.  Finding that she loved her employer but wanted to work with people instead of machines, she was federally trained as a Dental Hygienist in 1992.  She completed her Forensic Dental Course in 1997 and during her 18 years of service in the Army worked in all regions of Australia in purpose-built dental surgeries, out of the back of trucks and in local schools in remote Aboriginal Communities with ATSIC.

In 2000, Nicole travelled abroad on an exchange program to Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, Canada, Diego Garcia and the United Kingdom.  On their return to Australia, Nicole and her husband moved to Brisbane in 2003 after the birth of their first child.  Nicole attended the University of Queensland to receive State Accreditation in 2005 and facilitate her exit strategy from Defence into her local community.  The following year she and a long-term colleague founded a Study Group for Dental auxiliaries on the Gold Coast.

Wanting to work closer to home, Nicole was thrilled to join Alita Dental and is keen on promoting her profession, the continuing education of patients and broader community groups.

Nicole has retired from active service to spend more time with her three young children while her husband continues his service in the Army.  Her interests are travel, animals, and diving and occasional paragliding.